Carbon Busters Club

The Carbon Busters Club (CB Club) is an eco-science adventure program that combines values-based creative expression, such as storytelling and dramatic arts, with environmental education. This is done in ways designed to nurture emotional intelligence in children while still developing their intellectual capabilities.  Research shows that when school children connect emotionally as well as academically with classroom content they are far likely to experience deep and long-term learning outcomes.

The core education mission of the Carbon Busters Club is to find new and effective ways to teach children about climate change. In particular, to have them understand the link between human behavior and climatic changes such as global warming, sea level rise, ice mass loss, shifts in flower and plant blooming, loss of animal habitats, and extreme weather events.

In CB Club, carbon busting means taking actions like planting a tree, which directly reduces the amount of dirty carbon in the air, or actions that lead to avoid carbon emissions in the air, such as using stainless steel water bottles and cloth bags instead of single-use plastic ones.

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Climate Fiction (Cli-fi) story-telling

The Carbon Busters Club includes Cli-fi storytelling, created by Laurel Colless, which follows the adventures of Peter Blue and his fellow initiates at Spiral Hall – a secret school for the ecodemically gifted.

At Spiral Hall, the weather is not just a topic of conversation but a core subject, and saving the world a core preoccupation. Peter, Riva du Lac, Wanda Shore, and Chu Lee Wong, become the school’s top earth-saving mission team. Riding on scooters that can fly, swim or ski using nature’s energy, the Spiral Hall initiates venture beneath the sea, inside plants and animals, around polluted cities, even into trash-filled outer space, working to protect earth against the rising Anthrog forces. Anthrogs feed on the stench of people’s greed and the need for more and more stuff. And right now on earth it’s a free lunch.

Each story is a quest to bring nature and technology into balance, and at one with the human heart

The genre of the Carbon Busters stories is magical realism; magic because nature itself is magical and children love and need magic in their lives; and realism because words like carbon, climate change, and plastic pollution must become part of the lexicon and thinking of our children, if they are to rise and become the enlightened leaders and decision-makers of our uncertain global future.


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