Greece Pilot

The Carbon Busters Club (CB Club) has successfully completed its pilot education program in Greece – “Μαχητές κατά του Άνθρακα”. The successful CB Club pilot, delivered by Athens-based educators and science professionals, reached 16 Greek public schools, primarily in disadvantaged areas of East and West Attica. Five hundred fourth and fifth graders from the selected schools enjoyed multiple eco-science adventures, based on the elements of air, fire, earth and water.

  • AIR: Cultural monuments and climate change
  • FIRE: Habitat loss and climate change
  • EARTH: Soil science and composting
  • WATER: Plastic pollution in the sea

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The core education mission of the Carbon Busters Club is to find new and effective ways to teach children about climate change. In particular, to have them understand the link between human behavior and climatic changes such as global warming, sea level rise, ice mass loss, shifts in flower and plant blooming, loss of animal habitats, and extreme weather events.

In CB Club, carbon busting means taking actions like planting a tree, which directly reduces the amount of dirty carbon in the air, or actions that lead to avoided carbon emissions in the air, such as using stainless steel water bottles and cloth bags instead of single-use plastic ones.